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Current statistics


Germination:  Greater than 95%
Vigor:  more than 80%
Genetic purity:  More than 99%
Free of seed-borne diseases.


Germination:  greater than 90%
Vigor:  greater than 70%
Genetic purity:  More than 99%


Peppers and Tomatoes are grown in plastic greenhouses in soil or substrate, by a select group of farmers contracted by Antufen Seeds.

Production is carefully controlled from sowing to harvest, by
our agronomists and quality control team, to ensure protection of genetics and optimal quality. Protocols from our own quality management system are used to ensure the highest quality standards of our service and the final product.

Strong focus on quality control and disease prevention along with
crop monitoring supported by our own pathology laboratory.

All processing activities are carried out in our exclusive processing facilities located in the same production area, giving the special care that a product of such high value requires, and giving us the capacity and flexibility to ship according to the priorities and requirements of our clients.

Tomatoes: crops in substrates and soils of Beef, Cherry, Saladette, Momotaro, Plum,
interspecific rootstocks and standard hybrid tomato seeds are produced in a very controlled environment, which offers the possibility of managing the plants according to their growth habits , and achieve the best genetic purity and germination, as well as seed yields.

Peppers : All types of hybrid seeds, including those from sterile male plants as well as chili peppers, are obtained through manual pollination. SEMILLAS ANTUFEN has developed unique quality control procedures at all stages of production, making our paprika seed the best available.

Special harvesting and extraction procedures are the key factors in
achieving the potential germ in each variety or type.
Sowing window from March to October.

High genetic quality

The lettuce seeds produced by Antufen offer high genetic quality, which translates into healthy plants, resistant to diseases and with good performance.

Varieties adapted to different climatic conditions

Antufen offers lettuce varieties adapted to different climates, allowing it to be grown in a wide range of regions, which can be beneficial for production fields abroad.

Innovation and continuous development

The Antufen company stands out for its focus on innovation and the continuous development of new lettuce varieties, ensuring that producers abroad have access to the latest and most advanced options for their Asteraceae crops.