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Los Romos - Pichidegua


The Pichidegua Process Plant is located 100 miles south of Santiago. Its activities began in 2011, and since that date its growth has been continuous, both in surface area,
equipment and human resources. The above in order to maintain the quality standards requested by customers.

The current area reaches 1,200 m 2 receiving seeds of different species of both brassicas and cucurbits, as well as lettuce, carrots, among others. In addition, it has an area for cleaning and selecting
organic seeds.

All the seed that is received at the plant is entered into an online system that allows information to be delivered in real time regarding processes, losses, germination results, among others.

Processing plant

Personnel and Equipment

The seed processing and cleaning area has a plant manager, a quality control manager and personnel specialized in the different seed conditioning tasks. Thus, there are people in charge of sampling seed lots, packaging, machinery maintenance, and quality management.

Processing plant


Within the equipment there is:

  • Air columns  
  • Color/shape sorter (color sorter)
  • Magnetic cleaner
  • Gravity tables
  • Spirals
  • Screen machines.
  • Indent.

The processing plant has special places to carry out the different seed conditioning tasks. Thus, it has an exclusive sector to receive seeds, another for the collection of seeds to be processed, a collection of clean seeds, a packaging sector, and modern facilities where the different machinery is located.

Antufen Seeds is a Chilean company with more than 40 years of experience in seed production.



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