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Organics Seeds

We are a production program of the Antufen Seeds company created
seven seasons ago, given the demand for vegetable seeds in the
world market. We offer a wide range of organic vegetable seeds, which
meet the quality standards required by our clients, such as North American (USDA/NOP) and European (CEE).

We work together with certified organic producers in different
soil-climatic zones of Chile, providing technical assistance in the management of organic seed. Likewise, we have a certified organic Homefarm where we provide seed production services that meet a wide range of needs, such as self-crossing under mesh, manual pollinations in the open field or under a greenhouse, a nursery program, growout,
trials, among others.

We are committed to carrying out practices that do not deteriorate productive resources
and restore natural balances; promote soil fertility
from a chemical, physical and biological point of view; conserve or increase the
organic matter of the soil, enhance biodiversity with the implementation of
cultural practices such as crop rotation, planting of green manures,
among others, and eliminate the use of inputs of synthetic chemical origin that damage the
environment and affect the Human health.
We believe that we can be agents of change, creating environmental and
social awareness at the local level, with the community, our workers and in the company.

High genetic quality

The lettuce seeds produced by Antufen offer high genetic quality, which translates into healthy plants, resistant to diseases and with good performance.

Varieties adapted to different climatic conditions

Antufen offers lettuce varieties adapted to different climates, allowing it to be grown in a wide range of regions, which can be beneficial for production fields abroad.

Innovation and continuous development

The Antufen company stands out for its focus on innovation and the continuous development of new lettuce varieties, ensuring that producers abroad have access to the latest and most advanced options for their Asteraceae crops.