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ANTUFEN Seeds grows melon, watermelon, Italian squash, pumpkin, cucumber, among other hybrid cucurbit seeds. Most of the productions are subcontracted with local farmers and are closely supervised by specialized agronomists from ANTUFEN Seeds. Rigorous quality control work at every step of production ensures the highest standards of quality (genetic purity, germination and health) and yields.

Producing seeds free of seed borne disease is one of our objectives, for which we have strict protocols and monitoring strongly supported by our laboratory. 

Productions can be grown with manual or insect pollination, in the open field, in plastic greenhouses or under anti-aphid nets, depending on the species and requirement.

Melon: Cantaloupe, Piel de Sapo, Yellow Canary, Charentais, Galia, Ananas, Honey Dew, Harper., are some types grown by ANTUFEN.

Watermelon: Years of experience and research in watermelon seed production have given us the necessary knowledge and specialization to achieve maximum yield and germination potential in triploid and diploid hybrid watermelon varieties.

Pumpkin / pumpkin: Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata, as well as
interspecific crosses are grown with manual pollination or with bees.

Cucumber: BAT (mini), Slicer, Long European Type and gherkin, are grown by ANTUFEN.

Basic seed increases, manual or with bees, of all cucurbits is another service provided by ANTUFEN with rigorous security and protection of this confidential material.

High genetic quality

The lettuce seeds produced by Antufen offer high genetic quality, which translates into healthy plants, resistant to diseases and with good performance.

Varieties adapted to different climatic conditions

Antufen offers lettuce varieties adapted to different climates, allowing it to be grown in a wide range of regions, which can be beneficial for production fields abroad.

Innovation and continuous development

The Antufen company stands out for its focus on innovation and the continuous development of new lettuce varieties, ensuring that producers abroad have access to the latest and most advanced options for their Asteraceae crops.