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ANTUFEN Seeds is known for its excellent results in Brassica seed production. With the help of rainless summers, year-round irrigation, strict prevention and control of Xanthomonas campestris, as well as reliable producers; ANTUFEN SEEDS obtains high germinations, as well as
a high percentage of usable seeds.

Cauliflower: Summer and fall varieties are grown for hybrid seed production
. To adjust the male-female flower ratio, ANTUFEN continuously performs flower tests with various sowing dates for each
parental line. Productions are located in coastal areas with cool
summer temperatures, improving SI results.
MS excellent performance in open field and greenhouse productions

Broccoli: High rate of usable seed and germinations over 92% characterize
our production of broccoli seeds. Sterile hybrid males and
self-incompatible lines are produced as part of our global commitment
towards 100% customer satisfaction.

Cabbage: Production is distributed over the parallels 33 ° S and 35 ° S depending on
the requirements for cold varieties and precocity.
Production of semi tropical late storage types, in
open field as well as in greenhouses to ensure the health of the seeds.

High genetic quality

The lettuce seeds produced by Antufen offer high genetic quality, which translates into healthy plants, resistant to diseases and with good performance.

Varieties adapted to different climatic conditions

Antufen offers lettuce varieties adapted to different climates, allowing it to be grown in a wide range of regions, which can be beneficial for production fields abroad.

Innovation and continuous development

The Antufen company stands out for its focus on innovation and the continuous development of new lettuce varieties, ensuring that producers abroad have access to the latest and most advanced options for their Asteraceae crops.